Laguiole Style de Vie stands for knives and cutlery made out of love for cooking and dining. The Dutch brand will make your dining experience and your table exceptionally tasteful!
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Steak knife set PREMIUM, 6 pcs, with wooden block, Laguiole LAGSDV-303870
Knife set LUXURY, 6 pcs., with magnetic stand, olive wood, Laguiole LAGSDV-301104
Steak knife set LAGUIOLE LUXURY, 6 pcs olive, Laguiole LAGSDV-300039
Bread knife LAGUIOLE LUXURY 20 cm, olive wood, Laguiole LAGSDV-301296
Bread knife PREMIUM 20 cm, black, Laguiole
22 €
Butter knife INNOVATION, set of 4 pcs, oak, Laguiole LAGSDV-301388
Butter knife PREMIUM, set of 4 pcs, black, Laguiole LAGSDV-300824
Corkscrew LUXURY, gift box, ebony handle, Laguiole LAGSDV-300022
Dining cutlery set LUXURY, 16 pcs, olive wood handles, Laguiole LAGSDV-301227
Champagne sabre LUXURY 30 cm, olive handle, Laguiole LAGSDV-301333
Cheese knife PREMIUM 10 cm, black, Laguiole
13 €
Cheese knife set PREMIUM, 3 pcs, black, Laguiole LAGSDV-300176
Cheese knife set PREMIUM, 3 pcs, stainless steel, Laguiole LAGSDV-300183
Chef's knife LUXURY 20 cm, gift box, olive wood handle, Laguiole LAGSDV-301289
Knife set INNOVATION, 6 pcs, with magnetic stand, oak, Laguiole LAGSDV-301449
Pocket knife LUXRY, with corkscrew, olive handle, Laguiole LAGSDV-300657
Pocket knife LUXURY, ebony handle, Laguiole
32 €
Santoku knife and cutting board set LAGUIOLE LUXURY, Laguiole LAGSDV-301180
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Laguiole Style de Vie – dine with pleasure

Laguiole Style de Vie is a prestigious Dutch brand for cooking lovers manufacturing premium knives and cutlery. Its products are divided into four series – Premium, Prestige, Innovation and Luxury – each with its own characteristics. The knives are characterised by very good quality and chic appearance.

The idea behind Laguiole Style de Vie

Laguiole Style de Vie stainless steel knives are made from the love for cooking and dining. They are supposed to bring character to the table every time you sit and eat – whether it’s with your family or friends. The knives and cutlery (steak knives, special purpose knives, kitchen knives) are designed to make the dining experience more enjoyable and bring attention to good food and beautifully decorated table.

Laguiole Style de Vie - the products

The four series – Premium, Prestige, Innovation and Luxury – offer slightly different product ranges, designs, blades and handles made from different materials (stainless steel, copper, natural wood, plastic, etc.)

In the brand catalogue you will find:

And other cutlery pieces that will be a great decoration of every table.

The history of Laguiole knives

‘Laguiole’ is not a brand name or a label, but the name of a small village in the Auvergne region in France. Cutlery-making appeared in Lagiuole in the late 18th century and it became famous from 1860. At first there were 5 knife-makers in the village but in order to satisfy customers' needs they had to ask the Thiers cutlery-making factories to help and manufacture knives with the Laguiole mark. In 1987, the people of Aveyron relocated a factory in Laguiole but different models of Laguiole knives are made now all over the world.

Bee – the symbol of Laguiole knives

In 1909 Jules Calmels came up with the idea of adding a bee symbol above the spring simply for aesthetic reasons. But – if you prefer romantic stories - according to a legend, it was Napoleon himself who permitted the Aveyron cutlery makers to use the bee as their emblem as a sign of their bravery in combat. The interesting fact is that in French, la mouche (fly) is the technical cutlery word referring to the flattened part at the end of the spring.

But since Jules Calmel - who was the first to place a bee on la mouche - did not patent the idea soon there were dozens of cutlery makers in Laguiole and Thiers who manufactured Laguiole knives with flowers, insects or other animals on the spring. But - after being used almost systematically – it was the bee that became synonymous with Laguiole knives.