Dellinger stands for kitchen knives made of the strongest, most durable Damascus steel but also other kitchen accessories made with passion and love for cooking. Beautiful design, traditional craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. It's everything you need for your kitchen plus... a bit of art!
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Vegetable knife NAKIRI 17 cm, Dellinger
32,75 € –23 %
25,04 €
Breakfast knife EASY 10 cm, natural, Dellinger
16,26 € –15 %
13,82 €
Breakfast knife EASY 10 cm, red, Dellinger
16,26 € –15 %
13,82 €
Chef's knife GYUTO EYES 20 cm, Dellinger
95,99 € –20 %
76,50 €
Chef's knife CHEF MANMOSU 23 cm, Dellinger
175 € –15 %
148 €
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Dellinger - desirable knives that you deserve

Dellinger Cutlery offers unique and desirable knives that you deserve. Crafted with character and functionality in mind, Dellinger knives will captivate you with their beauty and individuality, while satisfying your every need. Founded by individuals with a passion for knives, the brand is committed to producing and selling exquisite knives that represent who they are.

Dellinger knives and Damascus steel - the best marriage for your cooking

To ensure that each piece is exceptional, Dellinger offers creative and interesting styles that are manually produced with genuine Damascus steel, which is well-known for its beauty, strength, and ability to maintain sharp edges. This steel is created by sequentially folding and forging two or more types of steel together, resulting in a blade that is both strong and flexible. By using manual production methods, Dellinger infuses its knives with the energy, love, and care of its craftsmen.

Damascus steel has a rich history dating back to the 4th century, during the time of Alexander the Great. The mastery of crafting weapons and shields from this steel was highly secretive and unattainable. Legends tell stories of swords made from Damascus steel so sharp that they could slice through silk mid-air. Unfortunately, the method for forging Damascus steel was lost around 1750 A.D., and despite many claims of rediscovery, evidence remains elusive. Nevertheless, the use of this ancient steel makes each knife from Dellinger Cutlery a unique and original work of art.

What makes Dellinger knives so special and what knives will you find in Kulina?

  • Dellinger knives made of Damascus steel are special for several reasons
  • Damascus steel is known for its exceptional beauty, strength, and ability to maintain sharp edges
  • Dellinger knives are crafted by skilled artisans with a passion for creating exquisite and unique knives
  • Each knife is manually produced with care and attention to detail, ensuring that every piece is exceptional and original
  • the use of this ancient steel makes each knife from Dellinger Cutlery a unique and original work of art

In Kulina you will be able to buy a wide variety of Dellinger's knives including:

Dellinger knives are used by both home and professional chefs alike, being durable and stylish companions in their everyday culinary adventures.