Bird feeders & bird houses

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Bird feeder 14 cm, hanging, glass, Eva Solo
59,95 € –20 %
47,96 €
Bird feeder L, mounted on the window, Eva Solo
59,95 € –20 %
47,96 €
Bird feeder SUET, for windows, Eva Solo
29,95 € –20 %
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Bird feeder SUET, hanging, Eva Solo
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Bird feeder TUBE 34 cm, hanging, Eva Solo
48 € –20 %
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Bird feeder, double, glass, Eva Solo
39,95 € –20 %
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Bird house, hanging, Eva Solo
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Mini bird feeder, set of 2 pcs, hanging, Eva Solo
48 € –20 %
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Bird feeder and water dispenser FUERA, Blomus
179 €
Bird feeder RECYCLED 107 cm, standing, green, Rosendahl RSD20670
Bird feeder RECYCLED 12 cm, hanging, green, Rosendahl RSD20672
Bird feeder RECYCLED 17,5 cm, hanging, green, Rosendahl RSD20671
Bird feeder RECYCLED 20 cm, hanging, green, Rosendahl RSD20673

Bird feeders and houses – give your feathery guest proper feed

A stylish bird feeder as a modern decoration of your garden? Why not?! Bird feeders have long ago stopped being just self-made constructions made by kids and their parents to feed birds during the winter season. Both bird feeders and birdhouses have also changed their forms over the years and now they very often look like futuristic sculptures or some mysterious objects scattered around your garden.

Another thing that has also changed is the place where we can hang or mount the bird feeder. We used to hang them on trees, but now we can mount them on our windows for a spectacular close-up of birds' daily routines at the table.

We have a large collection of high-quality, reasonably priced garden bird feeders which also make great gifts for every garden lover - and if you are looking for additional ideas on gifts you can get a garden lover, check our gift guide.

What should I consider when buying a bird feeder?

  • what sort of birds do you want to draw to your garden
  • where do you want to hang your birdfeeder
  • which design is the best for the type of food you want to offer to your flying friends
  • which design and colour will best match the exterior of your home and the style of your garden

Which bird feeders are the best?

Bird feeders are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet varied demands, and they are made from different materials including stainless steel, plastic, and glass.

Eva Solo offers a great selection of stylish bird feeders and water dispensers for birds made from recycled materials so you can not only help birds find something to eat during the winter season but also stay ecological.

Moreover, Eva Solo's birdfeeders offer different options when it comes to their positioning. You can choose among traditional feeders that can be hung on a tree, choose a window-mounted option or go for a bird feeder on a pole.

They are also dishwasher safe so you can keep them clean and safe all the time. This is very important as bird feeders or actually, birds spread diseases with salmonella being the most common of them. Therefore regular cleaning of your bird feeder is important and when you do this make sure you throw away old seeds and refill the feeder with fresh seeds after cleaning.