Finger guards for cutting

Finger guards – for safe cutting

Finger guards for cutting are smart kitchen gadgets that protect your fingers when chopping, slicing or mincing. Although professional chefs rarely use finger protectors they may be useful for:

  • beginner cooks
  • workers of restaurants/ canteens or bistros where lots of food needs to be chopped
  • kids who want to cook with their parents or on their own
  • seniors who want to be independent and cook for themselves
  • people with physical disabilities

How do finger protectors for cutting work?

Finger protectors have different shapes and sizes and are made from different materials – usually steel or plastic. Some of them are put only on your fingertips (separately on every finger) and some protect all the fingers/knuckles at the same time.

You usually wear the finger guard on your middle and index fingers, with other fingers free to move. The tip of the finger shield will hold the food you are cutting in place. Thanks to a finger guard the blade of the knife does not touch the fingers at any time which protects the user from cutting himself.

How do chefs not cut their fingers?

Professional chefs have a special technique of cutting which allows them to protect their fingers. They hold their hand in a claw position with finger tops curled underneath and touch the knife with the first knuckle. The pinky finger and thumb finger hold the food and the whole hand moves backwards while chopping with the cutting hand following it with a knife. See the movies on YouTube for more precise instructions.