Shower shelves & caddies

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Adhesive set 2FIX, Blomus
Adhesive set 2FIX, Blomus
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Bathroom shelf CARVO 66 cm, black, stainless steel/glass, Zack ZACK40506
Bathroom shelf LINEA 26 cm, black, stainless steel/glass, Zack ZACK40573
Bathroom shelf LINEA 26 cm, matt, stainless steel/glass, Zack ZACK40383
Bathroom shelf LINEA 46 cm, polished, stainless steel/glass, Zack ZACK40029
Pocket dump tray MODO 20 cm, oak, Blomus
33,61 €
Shower caddy SURF M, desert sand, Koziol
8,95 €
Shower caddy SURF M, white, Koziol
9,15 €
Shower caddy SURF XL, desert sand, Koziol
10,98 €
Shower caddy, white, Brabantia
29,48 €
Shower shelf DUO 70557, white, Joseph Joseph
23,90 €
Shower shelf LINEA 26 cm, matt, stainless steel, Zack
120,99 €
Shower shelf MINDSET 42 cm, white, Brabantia
45,50 € –8 %
41,68 €
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Shower shelves & caddies – the perfect way to organise your shower

What are the types of shower shelves and caddies available on Kulina?

Do you ever consider your shower to be a disorganised mess? Finding the right toiletry at the right time can be challenging because shampoo bottles, soap, and other items are scattered all over the place. Shower caddies and shelves can help with that. These helpful organisers can enable you to keep your shower clean and tidy, so you can focus on getting clean instead of rummaging for your belongings.

While there are many shower caddies and shelves available in general markets, each with a different benefit, here at Kulina, we offer a unique selection of hanging shower caddies. A hanging shower caddy is a popular option for storing shower essentials as they take up very little room and are simple to install and remove.

Kulina offers hanging shower caddies from well-known manufacturers like Blomus, Brabantia, and Koziol and they come in a range of materials, such as plastic, titanium, and steel. You can easily pick one that properly matches your shower since they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Where is the best place to put a shower caddy?

The best place for placing a shower caddy will depend on the size and shape of your shower and your personal preferences. You can hang your shower caddy or a shower shelf:

  • On the shower bar or valve: This is a wonderful choice if you have a small shower. Hanging the caddy on the shower bar or valve will clear up floor space and keep your things within reach.
  • On the wall: If you have a larger shower, you can mount a shower caddy on the wall. You'll have more storage space as a result, and your stuff will stay organised.
  • In a corner: If you have a corner shower, you can set up a corner shower caddie in the corner. This will save storage and keep your stuff within reach.
  • On the floor: If you don't mind taking up a little floor space, some of our shelves can be easily placed on the ground. This will increase your storage capacity and make it simple for you to access all your belongings.

You must consider things like water exposure, accessibility, and your shower layout when choosing the best spot for your shower caddy.

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