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Mugs – giving you a classy sip

What is the purpose of mugs?

A mug is a specific kind of cup that is often used for hot beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Mugs often have handles and can contain more liquid than standard tea or coffee cups. A mug is made to do more than hold your coffee or tea; it also retains its temperature for longer, although not as long as thermal cups do.

How do I store my mug?

A "mug tree," which is a pole fixed on a circular base and equipped with hooks to hang mugs by their handles, is a common way to store mugs. Mugs can also be hung on racks so they are readily available.

To make it simpler to grab a mug in the morning, you can also install hooks to the underside of a cabinet shelf. Depending on the appearance you want, you can select industrial hooks, retro-style ones or more ornamental, classical ones.

What are the materials used in producing a mug?

One of the most crucial factors is the material of your mugs because each one has advantages for various uses. The following are some of the materials needed to make mugs:

Ceramic and porcelain mugs

Ceramics is more durable than porcelain and it has low thermal conductivity. For this reason, it is the most preferred material for tea or coffee mugs, because it will maintain the heat of your coffee for longer. Porcelain is usually made in white versus a wide variety of colour options offered in ceramic mugs. To make the perfect choice between porcelain mugs and ceramic, it is important that you consider their look, durability as well as price.

Stainless steel mugs

When selecting stainless steel travel mugs, durability is the key factor. When dropped, its walls or handle doesn't chip or fracture. When no longer required, they may be simply recycled. Not to mention their propensity for maintaining liquids' heat for extended periods.

Stoneware mugs

Stoneware mugs are less common than cups made of other materials. However, if you're seeking for something a little more distinctive but dependable, stoneware coffee mugs are still a fantastic alternative. They frequently come in diverse patterns because they are handcrafted. They also offer outstanding insulation, are dishwasher safe, and are robust.

You are now prepared to sit down with your mug to sip your tea or coffee after a hard days work. To suit your needs and answer different tastes, we've put together a number of mugs from renowned manufacturers including Viva Scandinavia, Revol, Blomus, and MIJ (Asian style). Additionally, if transparent cups are your thing, have a look at our collection of coffee glasses.