How to choose a grill - shopping guide

You don't have a grill or consider buying a new one? Not sure which one to choose as there are so many different types on the market? We will help you find it. Whether you plan to barbecue in the garden, on the balcony, on the terrace or at home, you will find everything you need to make your barbecue a success. Thanks to us, you will be able to grill better...


Choosing the right grill means, first of all, thinking about what fuel I want or can use, how big the grill should be, at what price do I need it and, if necessary, what style of grilling I prefer.

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Why exactly do I want a grill? Do you buy it for occasional grilling with your family, or you want to become a professional? Do you want to grill at home or in the garden? You should think carefully about what the grill is intended for.
  • How often will I use it? Do you want to grill regularly or just from time to time? When buying your grill it is very important to take into account the food load that will be on it. It is certainly not worth buying a grill for 1,800 Euro if you know that you will use it once a year.
  • What is the maximum amount I want to pay? Set a price limit you want to invest in your grill and choose specific features and equipment you are willing to pay for more.
  • How many people will I usually grill for? The grilling surface is also important. If you like organizing garden parties for many guests, you will certainly not buy the same barbecue as, for example, a married couple who cooks a meal only for themselves.
  • Will the grill be permanently in one place, or do I want to travel with it? Do you grill only on the balcony or terrace, or is the grill your favourite companion on trips and getaways? If it is to be mobile, first of all, you should think about the possibility of unfolding and folding it, its weight but at the same time, also its durability. 

Then think about the following issues

  • Do you prefer a certain type of fuel? Different fuels cost differently, work differently, etc. Do you feel confident when handling gas? Do you like the romantic feel of charcoal or prefer cleaner cooking without floating ash? If you are considering an electric grill - do you have a power outlet close enough?
  • What is my experience in grilling? If you are grilling only on holidays, it is not worth investing in high-end models. Consider your options and buy a grill that you can handle and will use.
  • How will I store my grill out of season? If you intend to leave it outside for the winter, it has to be a different type than the one that needs to be kept warm and dry.
  • Do I have any special wishes concerning its look? If the grill is supposed to be part of the house or garden, its style has to match it.


Grills are classified primarily according to the heat source (i.e. the type of "fuel"). The widest choice is when you choose a garden grill when you have enough space. You can choose from classic charcoal grills, gas grills and - if you have a garden electrical connection - electric grills. On the other hand, smaller grills are ideal for a balcony or a terrace, where classic charcoal grills are not recommended. The electric grill is convenient and can be used as a garden or kitchen grill.

Gril na dřevěné uhlí

Charcoal grills

The real atmosphere of grilling, with hot coals and the unique taste of meat and fish that smells of smoke.

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Plynový gril

Gas grills

Fast heating, high efficiency, the ease of use and easy cleaning. Provides high comfort even to less experienced users.

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Wok pánev

Fire pit

Possibility of grilling and resting with an open fire. A stylish fire pit is a beautiful addition to the garden, which will make even cooler evenings more pleasant.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • Ecological and hygienic to use - where there is no fire, no exhaust gases and no waste. You will avoid smoke, blackened grills and charred food scraps.
  • Easy to use – the plates are heated equally in all places. Thus you do not have to worry about whether the meat is over the fire or somewhere else. It is also a much safer option for less-skilled cooks.
  • Temperature regulation – most electric grills constantly inform about the current temperature, which is set specifically according to your needs, and the reaction to changes is usually very quick.


  • Dependent on the source of electricity – it is simply impossible to do without electricity. It is good to have an outlet nearby or use an extension cord. We will not take the grill with us on trips to the wild nature.
  • Higher price – the purchase price and the cost of electricity are higher than in case of charcoal grills.


Charcoal grills

A classic of grilling that many foodies cannot get enough of. It heats up more slowly than an electric or gas grill, and food preparation and maintenance are the most demanding. However, for many people, the flavour is worth the extra effort. You can also choose smaller models that are easy to put on a table, even on the smallest balcony, or packed in the car for a picnic.

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Gril na uhlí


Advantages and disadvantages


  • Taste and atmosphere – many say that only charcoal can conjure up the typical flavor of grilled meat.
  • Easy maintanance – grills usually consist of a firebox and a removable grate, so we can conveniently clean and wash both parts.
  • Lower price – the purchase price of a small charcoal grill is affordable. However, quite a lot of carbon is consumed while grilling. If you grill frequently, it is worth buying a more expensive grill for a different type of fuel.


  • Long preparation time - some users have trouble lighting the charcoal or briquettes. Even after lighting it up, it takes some time for the grill to reach the required temperature. However, charcoal grilling enthusiasts often consider this process a pleasant ritual that simply accompanies grilling.
  • Ash and exhaust fumes – charcoal grilling is not a clean affair. Expect smoke, wind-blown ash and, of course, an unpleasant smell. Usually, this does not bother the participants, only the neighbours.


Plynový gril

Gas grills

Very convenient preparation with quick and easy heating and high efficiency. They run on propane-butane gas, which can be purchased at almost any gas station. Easy to maintain and clean. No smoke or ash is produced when grilling, and gas grills are often equipped with a fat separator to prevent fat from escaping.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • Fast preparation – rapid heating significantly shortens the cooking time. This is an advantage not only in terms of time savings but also in terms of safety. If the grill takes a long time to heat up, you probably aren't standing by it all the time and watching it.
  • Easy to use – it is the ease of use that makes gas grills the most popular today.


  • Fuel availability – You can buy charcoal in a store, while you need to go to a gas station to get a gas cylinder. They also have a limited usage time that needs to be monitored. The expired bottle needs to be returned to the station. It cannot simply be thrown into the trash.
  • Handling the gas cylinder – as it is a highly flammable gas, special care should be taken when storing it.
  • Higher price - the purchase price is proportional to the performance, so if you actually intend to use your grill frequently, it is definitely worth the investment.



Fire pit

Are you looking for an effective terrace or garden decoration that will become the heart of summer evenings in the garden? The fire pit can be such a place. A beautiful spot where a fire burns safely and which can also be used in cooking meat. Remundi fire pits are grills that offer the possibility of sitting around a "table" with a fire burning in the center. On the other hand, Eva Solo or Höfats fire pits are design elements with open fire, which, depending on the type, can be used with a grilling plancha or a grilling grid.

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Grilling is great fun but also learning. It is not enough to put the meat on the grill and wait to see what happens. High-quality results take time and require attention and the right equipment. What are the must-have items to stock up on when grilling?

dřevěné uhlí


Charcoal, wood shavings, bioethanol - all of these can be found in Kulina.

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Teploměr na maso

Meat thermometer

When will it be ready? You can check using your mobile phone. The wireless meat thermometer makes grilling easy even for beginners.

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Grilovací zástěra

Barbecue apron

There is no grill master without an apron. Grilling is not a clean affair and no one needs stains from dripping fat or a burnt shirt, especially if they have guests.

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Wok pánev

Steak knives

Ready? Are you burning for eating? And for everything to run like clockwork, it's best to offer your guests steak cutlery. The serrated knives and sharp forks are specially designed for grilled meals.

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