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Long drink glass BOSSA NOVA, set of 4 pcs, 400 ml, Nachtmann NM92075
Long drink glass MAMI, set of 4 pcs, 500 ml, Alessi ALSG1193S4
Long drink glass SCULPTURE, set of 4 pcs, 420 ml, Nachtmann NM101967
Long drink glass SQUARE, set of 4 pcs, 445 ml, Nachtmann NM101049
Gin glass 760 ml, set of 4 pcs, Riedel
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Long drink glass KINEO 360 ml, set of 4 pcs, clear, glass, WMF
Glasses BOSSA NOVA, set of 12, clear, Nachtmann
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Glasses HIGHLAND, set of 12, clear, Nachtmann
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Glasses NOBLESSE, set of 18, clear, Nachtmann
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Long drink glass FIRE 375 ml, Riedel
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Long drink glass FONTAINE 250 ml, Holmegaard
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Long drink glass HIGHLAND, set of 4 pcs, 445 ml, Nachtmann NM97784
Long drink glass NOBLESSE 375 ml, set of 4 pcs, Nachtmann NM89208
Long drink glass PUNK, set of 4 pcs, Nachtmann
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Long drink glass SHU FA 360 ml, set of 4 pcs, Nachtmann NM98064
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Long drink glasses – a glass that allows you to sip your beverage in style

What is a long drink glass?

Long drink glasses, sometimes referred to as highball glasses are tall glasses - usually with a capacity of 300 ml - with typically straight sides and a flat base or footed stem. Long drink glasses are often used to serve mixed cocktails that include a higher proportion of non-alcoholic mixers like soda, tonic water, or juice and a lower proportion of alcoholic beverages like gin, vodka, or whisky.

They take their name from the popular Finnish long drink - lonkero, which is a mixed drink traditionally made from gin and grapefruit juice.

Which drinks can you serve in long drink glasses?

A variety of mixed cocktails are served in long drink glasses. Vodka Tonic, Gin and Tonic, Whiskey Tonic, and Tequila Tonic, The Screwdriver, Whiskey Ginger, Tequila Sunrise, Bloody Mary, Rum and Coke are just a few of the well-known examples.

Many people use long drink glasses as water glasses and use them for serving water, juice or smoothies.

At Kulina, you can purchase long drink glasses that are exquisitely crafted and sculpted. We select the best manufacturers for our collection, like Eva Solo. Check us out!

What's the difference between a cocktail glass and a long drink glass?

Apart from the shape, the main difference between a cocktail glass and a long drink glass is the volume. Since a long drink is a refreshing drink with a relatively low alcohol content made with the addition of a large amount of ice, fruit juice or other beverages (cola, tonic, soda water) it has a larger capacity.