Stainless steel kettles

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Stainless Steel Kettles – bringing water to a boil with a touch of modernity

Why use electric stainless steel kettles?

Stainless steel electric kettle is a very good choice for any kitchen. These kettles are durable and resistant to rust, dents, corrosion, scratches and discoloration. The stainless steel kettle is also easy to clean and eye-catching with its beautiful design. It's also usually lighter than standard, stove-top kettles.

Are stainless steel kettles safe for your health?

Stainless steel and borosilicate glass are the two safest materials for tea kettles. Stainless steel does not expose the user to dangerous chemicals, is heat and fire-resistant and doesn't absorb any tastes or odours. Please note that stainless steel is slightly heavier than aluminium however t aluminum kettle boils water in a shorter time as aluminium conducts heat faster than steel.

At Kulina, we offer you a whole range of kettles (including transparent glass kettles and plastic kettles, as well as traditional stove-top kettles and teapots that sometimes also can be put on a stove to keep the temperature of your tea for longer. If you are a tea lover and want to make a perfect cup of tea, read our shopping guide to tea brewing here. You will also find there different types of kettles, including modern stainless steel kettles.

Which kettle brands are most reliable?

At Kulina, we offer the most reliable manufacturers of small home appliances including such premium brands as KitchenAid, Smeg, WMF, ETA or Stelton. If you want to buy a retro style stainless kettle go for KitchenAid or Smeg. If you prefer modern design, check WMF and ETA and if you are looking for a minimalistic kettle in Scandinavian style, see the iconic stainless steel kettles by Stelton.

You might be delighted to know that KitchenAid and Smeg offer electric temperature control kettles. Thanks to the newest technology, you will be able to brew your tea in the right temperature, save energy or warm up water for your baby's milk in seconds.

What steps should I take to maintain the condition of my stainless-steel kettle?

When in use:

  • follow the instructions in the manual for the maximum filling level
  • always pour out the water left over after boiling
  • remove limescale regularly, at least once a month. Do it even more often if the water where you live is hard.