Kitchen scissors

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Herb shears, WMF
Herb shears, WMF
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Kitchen scissors GOOD GRIPS 26 cm, black, stainless steel, OXO OXO1072121
Kitchen scissors GRAND GOURMET, WMF
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Kitchen scissors GREEN TOOL 20 cm, green, Eva Solo
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Kitchen scissors GREEN TOOLS 16 cm, green, plastic, Eva Solo ES531518
Kitchen scissors GREEN TOOLS 24 cm, green, plastic, Eva Solo ES531519
Kitchen scissors INGENIO K2071314, Tefal
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Kitchen scissors POWERGRILL, Joseph Joseph
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Kitchen scissors TOUCH, black, WMF
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Kitchen scissors TWIN, multifunctional, black, Zwilling ZW43967200
Kitchen scissors TWIN® SELECT, Zwilling
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Kitchen scissors, black, ZWILLING
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Kitchen scissors, multifunctional, red, Zwilling
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Kitchen scissors, multipurpose, matt stainless steel, Zwilling ZW43923200
Multifunctional scissors TWIN, red, Zwilling
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Poultry scissors TWIN®, stainless steel, Zwilling ZW42931000
Poultry shears 24 cm, F.Dick
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Scissors TWIN L 20,5 cm, Zwilling
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Scissors, universal, with serrated microcut blade, WMF WM1883216030

Kitchen Scissors – a multipurpose kitchen tool

Kitchen shears - what are they and what are they used for?

Kitchen scissors also referred to as "kitchen shears" or "chef's scissors", are a special type of scissors made for use in the kitchen. They are generally built with robust, acute blades and strong handles and are used for a variety of tasks some of which are listed below:

  • Cutting up poultry: Kitchen scissors work well for this task since they can quickly cut through soft bones and joints.
  • Trimming meat: You can use kitchen scissors to trim excess fat from meat before cooking.
  • Herb chopping: Herbs may be quickly and easily chopped into tiny pieces without being bruised or hurt by using kitchen scissors. You can also check out our mezzalunas.
  • Vegetable slicing: To cut vegetables into small pieces for salads or soups, use kitchen scissors.
  • Cutting pizza: Kitchen scissors can also be used to cut pizza into slices, especially if the crust is thick or crispy. You can also check out our pizza knives.

At Kulina, we have kitchen scissors from well-known brands like Fiskars, Zwilling, and WMF that are high-quality, long-lasting, and versatile.

Are kitchen scissors different from regular scissors?

Certainly, there are a few significant aspects in which kitchen scissors differ from regular scissors. Here are the most important differences:

  • Shape and design: Kitchen scissors are often made with a heavier-duty, more durable blade than conventional scissors, making them more suitable for cutting through tougher or thicker materials and food parts like thread, bones or fat. To offer more power and control, they often have broader blades, longer handles, and stronger pivot points. They are also razor-sharp and are also equipped with additional functions like bottle-cap openers, nutcrackers, or fish scalers built into the handle.
  • Materials: Stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and simple to clean, is frequently used to make kitchen scissors since it is a material that is safe for use in the kitchen. Moreover, some kitchen scissors offer features like non-slip handles or retractable blades for simpler cleaning.
  • Food safety: Kitchen scissors must adhere to stricter safety standards than conventional scissors since they are intended to be used with food. They must, for instance, be simple to clean and sterilise and constructed of materials that won't contaminate food or retain bacteria.