Confectionery sleeves

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Confectionery sleeves - great tool for baking fans

What are confectionery sleeves?

A confectionery sleeve, sometimes referred to as a "piping bag" or “pastry bag,” is a conical baking accessory - a bag with a hole at the very end and a tip for decorating cakes or muffins, pies, cookies and other pastries. Some confectionery sleeves are disposable, some are reusable and when you buy a decorating set including a pastry bag, you also usually get a set of replaceable tips with different hole sizes and perforations for different kinds of cream patterns.

What can you use a piping bag for?

There are several uses of a confectionary sleeve that may turn to be extremely useful for you. What can you do with a piping bag?

  • decorate cakes, cookies and all kinds of pastries
  • squeeze doughs, batters, creams, and whipped egg whites on baking sheets
  • style your dish by squeezing puréed ingredients like potatoes onto plates or platters

How to pick the right piping bag and how to use it?

First of all you need to check a recipe, read baking instructions, and see the illustrations in order to decide what kind of tip for your piping bag to use.

In Kulina, you can get both - disposable and reusable confectionary sleeves and the choice depends on the recipe and your personal preferences.

  • disposable pastry bags are more user-friendly, you don't need to clean them and if you use a piping bag only once in a while, it is also possible to make a DIY piping bag from a plastic bag you use for freezing for example.
  • however, if you bake and decorate cakes frequently, if you need a lot of cream or icing and if you want to use environment-friendly solutions, you should pick a reusable confectionery sleeve made of cotton or nylon.

How are confectionery sleeves filled?

You will need a big glass or beaker to fold the edges of the confectionery sleeves down over the top of a sizable, empty container. This maintains it in place while you are using a rubber spatula to put the cream or frosting from the bowl to the bag.

Fill the bag about two-thirds full. It will give you better control over the amount of cream you push out of the piping bag. In order to keep the icing in place, you may twist the bag and knot it at the top.

In Kulina you will find confectionary sleeves by de Buyer brand but also many other baking accessories such as baking pans, decorating and icing spatulas and cake servers.