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Brandy glass KOYOI 100 ml, clear, glass, Blomus
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Liquor glass 240 ml, Eva Solo
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Liquor glass KOYOI 130 ml, clear, glass, Blomus
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Shot glass ROMA, set of 6 pcs, Lyngby Glas
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Cognac glass JUVEL, set of 4 pcs, 690 ml, Lyngby Glas LYG916207
Digestive glasses DEFINITION, set of 2, 136 ml, clear, Spiegelau SP1350166
Liqour glass SOMMELIERS GRAPPA 110 ml, Riedel
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Spirit glass VERITAS SPIRITS 170 ml, Riedel
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Liquor glasses – designed for a pleasant sip of your sweet but strong drink

What shape is a liqueur glass?

There are many different forms and designs for liqueur glasses, but they generally feature a small bowl, a stem, and a foot or base to hold the glass steady. The bowl could be broader and rounder than a cordial glass, enabling the release and enjoyment of the liqueur's smells and tastes.

Some liqueur glasses feature a flared lip that makes the liquor taste better by guiding it toward the front of the tongue, some others feature a little aperture at the top that concentrates the liquor's smells and stops evaporation.

Generally, liqueur glasses are shaped to allow the liqueur to be properly consumed and appreciated, which improves the drinking experience.

Our liquor glasses are carefully selected from renowned manufacturers like Eva Solo. We also offer a variety of additional glasses made specifically for different types of drinks, including cocktail glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, and long drink glasses.

What is the difference between cordial and liqueur glasses?

Both cordial glasses and liqueur glasses are small glasses that are intended for drinking alcoholic beverages in small quantities, although they differ in a few ways.

Cordial glasses are typically smaller and narrower than liqueur glasses. They are often used to serve cordials, which are liqueurs with sweet, syrupy, and fruity flavours that are generally used as a digestive after dinner. They could also feature a foot and a stem to prevent the warmth of the hand from warming the drink.

In contrast, liqueur glasses are a little bit broader and bigger than cordial glasses. They are used to serve liqueurs, which are sweeter and often stronger than cordials. Liqueur glasses may also include a stem and foot to keep the drink from warming up, however, some may have a broader bowl and a shorter stem.

What glass do I use for limoncello?

Traditionally, limoncello is served in a small glass known as a shot glass. Shot glasses are tiny, cylinder-shaped glasses that normally have a capacity of between one and five decilitres. They are often used to serve alcoholic beverages like whisky, tequila, and vodka as well as liqueurs like limoncello.

Nevertheless, you can also serve limoncello in liqueur glasses or cordial glasses, which are both little cups made specifically for presenting sweet alcoholic drinks.