Hand towels

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Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, black, Blomus
29,07 €
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, white, Blomus
29,07 €
Hand towel CARO 30 x 30 cm, cream, Blomus
17,85 €
Hand towel CARO 30 x 30 cm, grey-black, Blomus
17,85 €
Hand towel CARO 30 x 30 cm, taupe, Blomus
17,85 €
Hand towel PROMENADE 50 x 100 cm, blue, Hübsch
27,90 €
Hand towel PROMENADE 50 x 100 cm, green, Hübsch
26,90 €

Hand towels – add a touch of luxury to your bathroom

What are hand towels?

Hand towels are a small but essential item used in the bathroom or kitchen. These towels come in a variety of sizes and designs and are intended to be used for drying your hands after washing them. A hand towel is crucial for keeping your hands clean and dry, as well as for limiting the transmission of disease and germs. At Kulina, we have carefully chosen the best of these towels from reputable manufacturers like Blomus and Hübsch.

How do I care for my hand towels?

Whether you have a family or live alone, it's crucial to care for your hand towels. While you might be in the habit of washing your bath towels once a week or two, you might forget to wash your hand towels frequently which can cause them to gradually lose their fluffy softness and freshness.

To avoid unwanted odour or bacterial build-up on your hand towels, it is advised that you wash them frequently, preferably once a week or frequently. It depends on the number of members in the family. Keep in mind that you should only use mild detergent while washing because using stronger chemicals like bleach or fabric softeners can cause the fibres to decrease in their absorbency rate.

What is the best material for a hand towel?

Identifying high-quality towels requires considering several factors, including size, colour, and most significantly, the material and fibre density. Although a variety of materials are used to make hand towels, cotton is typically regarded as having the greatest quality due to its softness, absorbency, and durability.

Cotton is a naturally supple fabric that is kind and comfortable against the skin which makes it perfect for use as a hand towel. They are also resilient to repeated washing and drying without losing their quality. Cotton-made hand towels are quite absorbent as well, thus moisture from your hands can be swiftly absorbed by it. This makes it perfect for use as a hand towel since it effectively dries your hands and stops the spread of bacteria.

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