Bath towels

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Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, cream, Blomus
29,07 €
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, grey-black, Blomus
29,07 €
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, light grey, Blomus
29,07 €
Bath towel CARO 50 x 100 cm, taupe, Blomus
29,07 €
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, black, Blomus
56,05 €
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, cream, Blomus
56,05 €
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, light grey, Blomus
56,05 €
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, taupe, Blomus
56,05 €
Bath towel CARO 70 x 140 cm, white, Blomus
56,05 €
Bath towel PROMENADE 70 x 140 cm, green, Hübsch HU61412
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, black, Blomus
89,71 €
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, cream, Blomus
89,71 €
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, dark grey, Blomus
89,71 €
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, grey, Blomus
89,71 €
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, light grey, Blomus
89,71 €
Bath towel RIVA 100 x 200 cm, white, Blomus
89,71 €
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, black, Blomus
25,45 €
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, cream, Blomus
25,45 €
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, dark grey, Blomus
25,45 €
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, light grey, Blomus
25,45 €
Bath towel RIVA 50 x 100 cm, white, Blomus
25,45 €
Bath towel RIVA 70 x 140 cm, black, Blomus
47,89 €
Bath towel RIVA 70 x 140 cm, cream, Blomus
47,89 €
Bath towel RIVA 70 x 140 cm, dark grey, Blomus
47,89 €
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Bath towels – a step out of the shower and into luxury

Why is a bath towel essential in the bathroom?

When you use a soft towel to dry yourself off after bathing or showering you prevent water from getting all over our floors which can cause major inconveniences besides being unsanitary such as slips. Drying oneself thoroughly with a quality bath towel limits bacterial growth on our skin as moisture tends to breed germs easily; this becomes especially important if you have sensitive skin which requires extra care against irritants like fungi or bacteria growth caused by wetness.

Towels are a need in every bathroom since they offer warmth, comfort, and absorbency after a shower or bath. Our bath towels at Kulina are available in a range of sizes, designs, and manufacturers, like Blomus and Hübsch. Investing in luxurious and comfortable bath towels transforms an ordinary day-to-day task into something more enjoyable.

What should I consider when buying a bath towel?

Transforming your apartment bathroom into an oasis starts with selecting high-quality bath towels that meet all your needs. From softness to absorbency and beyond.

Material reigns supreme when it comes to selecting top-notch bath towels. Cotton-made bath towels are the perfect option due to their unbeatable combination of benefits such as softness, affordability, and long-lasting durability. The size of a towel is another important factor to consider. Our towels are typically 100cm by 200cm, while some are smaller. It is also important to consider the size of your bathroom, how much coverage you like when you wrap up, and how much space you have for storing towels on your towel hangers. Purchasing durable bath towels that will hold up against frequent washing is crucial if you want long-term use of your towel. At the Kulina store, you are guaranteed to get the best quality bath towels that can withstand wear and tear.

While all these practical towel features are important to consider when shopping for a bath towel, style and design are also factors to consider. While shopping for bath towels, choose towels that match your bathroom decor and reflect your personal style to enhance your bathroom decorating game.

Should I coordinate the colour of my towels with the colour of your bathroom arrangement?

Matching the color of your towels with the color scheme of your bathroom is not a strict requirement, but it can contribute to the overall aesthetics and harmony of the space. Here are some reasons why some people choose to coordinate the colors of their towels with their bathroom decor:

  • Visual Cohesiveness: Matching the color of your towels with your bathroom's colour palette creates a cohesive and unified look. This can make the space feel more put-together and visually appealing.

  • Sense of Design: Coordinating colors demonstrates an attention to detail and a sense of design. It shows that you have considered the overall look of your bathroom, including the smaller elements like towels.

  • Enhanced Ambiance: Colors can influence the ambiance of a room. When your towels complement the bathroom's color scheme, it can contribute to the desired mood or atmosphere you want to create in the space.

  • Personal Expression: Choosing towels that match your bathroom's colors can be a way to express your personal style and preferences. It's a small detail that can reflect your taste and aesthetic.

  • Elevated Aesthetics: A well-coordinated color scheme can elevate the overall aesthetics of your bathroom, making it feel more sophisticated and polished.

  • Attention to Detail: Coordinating colors between towels and bathroom decor shows an attention to detail that can be appreciated by guests who use the bathroom.

  • Easy Styling: Matching towels can make it easier to update or refresh the look of your bathroom without major changes. Swapping out towels for ones that match a new color scheme can instantly change the room's appearance.

  • Photogenic Appeal: If you enjoy sharing photos of your space on social media or with friends and family, a coordinated color scheme can make your bathroom more visually appealing in photos.

However, it's important to note that personal preferences vary. Some people may prefer a contrasting color scheme to create a more dynamic look. Ultimately, the decision to match towel colors with bathroom decor is a matter of individual taste and style. If you prioritize visual harmony and well-designed space, coordinating colors can be a helpful guideline. If you prefer a mix-and-match or eclectic approach, that's perfectly valid as well. The most important thing is that you create a bathroom environment that you enjoy and feel comfortable in.

To properly keep your towels, you can also purchase our towel hangers that will keep them clean and dry.