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Pedal bin SONO 3 l, light gray, Blomus
61,15 €
Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, dark grey, Blomus
50,95 €
Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, grey, Blomus
50,95 €
Bathroom bin PARA 5 l, light grey, Blomus
50,95 €
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, black, Blomus
81,55 €
Bathroom bin SONO 5 l, white, Blomus
81,55 €
Bathroom bin TUBO 3 l, creamy, Blomus
28,05 €
Bathroom bin TUBO 3 l, taupe, Blomus
28,05 €
Bathroom bin TUBO, 3 l, black, Blomus
28,05 €
Bathroom bin TUBO, 3 l, dark brown, Blomus
28,05 €
Bathroom bin TUBO, 3 l, grey, Blomus
28,05 €

Welcome to the world of Blomus waste bins! Discover our stylish and functional collection designed to enhance your waste management experience.

Our Blomus bins combine form and function, offering sleek and modern designs that easily fit into any interior. Made from high quality materials, our bins are durable and aesthetically impressive.

With a variety of sizes and capacities, you can choose a trash can that fits your needs. Whether for your home, office or commercial premises, our collection offers versatile options for efficient waste management. From compact bins for smaller spaces to larger bins for high volume environments, we have the perfect solution for every environment.

Blomus waste bins are not only practical but also environmentally friendly. Many of our bins offer innovative features such as removable inner buckets and easy-to-use pedals that promote hygienic waste management and make emptying and cleaning easier.

Experience the perfect symbiosis of style and functionality with Blomus bins. Discover our collection today and see how our elegant designs and clever features can revolutionise the way you manage your waste. Choose Blomus for a cleaner, more organised and visually appealing waste disposal solution.