Vegetable slicers

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Apple corer PROFI PLUS 21,5 cm, WMF
16,90 € –15 %
14,36 €
Apple corer PROFI PLUS 24 cm, WMF
21,90 € –15 %
18,61 €
Apple cutter GOURMET, WMF
21,90 € –15 %
Apple cutter GOURMET, WMF
In stock (28 pcs)
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Garlic press, WMF
54,90 € –15 %
Garlic press, WMF
In stock (2 pcs)
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Melon baller PROFI PLUS 2,5 cm, WMF
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Pineapple slicer GOURMET, WMF
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Spice mill GOURMET, WMF
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Spice mill GOURMET, WMF
In stock (17 pcs)
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Apple corer, F.Dick
Apple corer, F.Dick
In stock (8 pcs)
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Avocado tool DUO, Joseph Joseph
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Avocado tool GOAVOCADO, Joseph Joseph
15 €
Citrus peeler, F.Dick
Citrus peeler, F.Dick
In stock (1 pcs)
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Mandoline slicer DUO MULTI-GRIP 20153, grey, Joseph Joseph JS20153
Melon baller 12 mm, stainless steel, F.Dick
13 €
Melon baller PRO, Zwilling
24,49 €
Melon baller SILVERPOINT 1,8 cm, Wüsthof
15,49 €
Vegetable chopper CHOPCUP 20175, white/green, Joseph Joseph JS20175

Vegetable and fruit slicers – an easy way to slice your food

Vegetable Slicers - are they worth the money?

In many kitchens, vegetable slicers are used instead of knives to cut or slice fruit & vegetables. The consistent size of the veggies they produce and easiness of operation has made vegetable slicer more desirable than conventional kitchen knives. They are also easily affordable so using them is an easy way to make your kitchen tasks go smoother and faster.

Vegetable and fruit slicers are used to slice ingredients in several ways, depending on the food. They are usually very sharp, so it is advisable to use and store them safely.

Types of fruit and vegetable slicers

Vegetable and fruit slicers come in a variety of forms designed to best suit the demands of the given vegetable or fruit (please also make sure you check our offer of mandoline slicers and spiralisers)

  • apple slicers and apple corers (tools used for cutting out the core of fruit and slicing an apple evenly)
  • pineapple slicers that enable the user to cut the pineapple into slices thanks to a spiral mechanism
  • multifunctional cutters with a pulling mechanism (for fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • fruit ballers for making perfect fruit balls (for melon or watermelon)
  • special tools for cutting an avocado

and many more.

What benefits do vegetable and fruit slicers offer?

While cooking, a lot of time is spent on cleaning, peeling, chopping or slicing ingredients. Kulina offers a wide selection of vegetable slicers from premium brands like WMF or Joseph Joseph to make meal preparation quicker and simpler. Thanks to vegetable slicers the chunks of food are equal and look elegant and tasty on the plate.

And if you need to deal with larger amounts of food, check our selection of electric food choppers and shredders.