Tea warmers

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Tea warmer YIXING 15 cm, black, cast iron, Bredemeijer
Teapot warmer JANG, black, cast iron, Bredemeijer BREDG005Z
Teapot warmer CAST 14 cm, black, Nicolas Vahé
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Teapot warmer HUNAN, black, Bredemeijer
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Teapot warmer MARCEL 17 cm, silver, Philippi
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Teapot warmer THEO 15 cm, black, Stelton
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Teapot warmer THEO 15 cm, sand, Stelton
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Tea warmers – a simple gadget for keeping your tea warm for longer

What are tea warmers?

A tea warmer is a device or equipment that keeps tea or other hot liquids warm for a longer time. Tea warmers are often used to keep teapots or other hot water containers warm so that the liquid inside may stay hot for longer periods.

They are very handy for tea drinkers who want to sip their tea slowly or enjoy many cups of tea over a long period of time.

What's the difference between a teapot warmer and a tea cosy?

Tea cosy and teapot warmer are two distinct objects used to keep tea hot, although they function differently.

A teapot warmer is a heating appliance that typically is made of metal and keeps the teapot warm using a candle or other heat source. The teapot rests on top of the warmer, and the heat from the candle or other source helps to maintain the temperature of the tea within the teapot.

On the other hand, a tea cosy is a cloth cover that is placed over a teapot to insulate it and keep the tea warm. The tea cosy is normally made of thick fabric or wool and covers the teapot fully, including the spout and handle. This helps to trap the heat within the teapot and keep the tea warm for a longer duration.

In conclusion, a tea cosy is a cloth cover used to insulate the teapot and keep the tea warm, as opposed to a teapot warmer, which is a heating mechanism.

What's the best temperature for brewing tea?

The ideal temperature for drinking tea varies based on the variety of tea. In general, fragile green and white teas are best brewed at lower temperatures, around 70-80°C, to avoid scorching and bitterness of the leaves.

Black and herbal teas, on the other hand, can be brewed at higher temperatures, about 90-100°C, to extract the full flavour and fragrance of the tea.

It is advisable to use a thermometer or an electric kettle with temperature control settings to obtain the ideal temperature for your tea. If you don't have these instruments, simply let the heated water cool for a few seconds or minutes before pouring it over the tea leaves.

What's the best temperature for drinking tea?

After steeping the tea, you should let it cool down to a comfortable drinking temperature. Generally, the recommended drinking temperature for tea is between 65-80°C or 149-176°F.

Keep in mind that personal preference plays a role as well, and some people may prefer their tea to be slightly hotter or cooler. It's best to experiment with different temperatures and find the one that works best for you and your tea.

To learn more about making and serving tea, you can read through our shopping guide on tea making.