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Salad spoons set EVA TRIO, oak wood, Eva Solo
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Serving spoon EVA TRIO 22 cm, Eva Solo
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Serving spoon EVA TRIO, 26 cm, Eva Solo
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Serving Spoon NORDIC KITCHEN 27 cm, Eva Solo
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Serving tongs 13,5 x 2,5 cm, Eva Solo
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Serving tongs 22 x 3,5 cm, Eva Solo
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Serving tongs 24,5 x 6,5 cm, Eva Solo
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Spaghetti tongs 25 x 4 cm, Eva Solo
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Salad fork SOHO, Zwilling
Salad fork SOHO, Zwilling
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Salad spoons set 24 cm, oak, Bitz
24 €
Salad spoons set BELA, Zwilling
71,99 €
Salad spoons set DAILY 26 cm, Nicolas Vahé
9,49 €
Salad spoons set DINNER, Zwilling
27,49 €
Salad spoons set NUOVA M, WMF
19,90 €
Salad spoons set NUOVA, WMF
22,90 €
Salad spoons set PROFILE, wood, Brabantia
20,49 €
Salad spoons set STELLA, matt stainless steel, Blomus BM63952
Salad spoons set, 32 cm, oak, Bitz
32 €
Salad spoons set, golden, Bitz
43 €
Salad tongs INGENIO K2060614, Tefal
7,99 €
Serving cutlery set NUOVA, WMF
32,90 €
Serving spoon METEO, Zwilling
39,49 €
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Salad spoons sets – serve your salad in style

What are salad serving spoons?

Salad serving spoons are a specific form of serving utensils made for serving salads. There are different types of salad spoons and they are:

  • salad spoon sets containing two spoons, one with a flatter, broader bowl and the other with a more curved bowl. The curved spoon is used to evenly drizzle dressing over the salad, while the flatter spoon is used to scoop up lettuce and other veggies.
  • salad spoon sets containing a salad spoon and a salad fork
  • slad tongs

To avoid bruising or crushing the delicate leaves, salad serving spoons are often smaller and feature long, slender handles that are comfortable to use even with deep salad bowls. They give a sense of refinement and elegance to the dining experience, making them a popular option for family dinners and BBQ garden parties.

Salad spoon sets with exquisite designs are available at Kulina from well-known manufacturers such as Bitz, Eva Solo, WMF, and ZWILLING.

Why do salad spoons have a hole?

Some salad spoons have a hole in the centre, which adds to the spoon's serving functionality.

The hole can prevent dressing or other liquids from gathering in the spoon, making it easier to serve the salad. When serving a large or heavy salad, the hole can also make the spoon lighter and simpler to handle.

What is the difference between salad serving spoons and a regular serving spoon?

Regular serving spoons and salad serving spoons differ greatly in their designs and uses. Salad serving spoons often feature long, slim handles that are comfortable to use and are smaller than conventional serving spoons. They are made to be used for salad, which needs to be handled delicately to prevent bruising or crushing the delicate leaves.

The bigger and deeper bowls of conventional serving spoons, on the other hand, make them ideal for serving heavier, more substantial food like mashed potatoes, rice, or pasta.

In conclusion, salad serving spoons are specifically made for serving salad, and each spoon comes with a pair of flatter, curved bowls for scooping up greens and doling out the dressing. On the other hand, regular serving spoons are bigger and deeper and intended to serve heavier foods.

Please also check othe types of serving cutlery available in Kulina.