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Bethlehem BETHLEHEM 37 cm, wood / stainless steel, Philippi PHP105039
Candelabra LA SERENA 30 cm, gold, stainless steel, Philippi PHP105038
Dinner candle holder HURRICANE 38 cm, brass, Bjørn Wiinblad BJORW56407
Dinner candle holder HURRICANE 46 cm, brass, Bjørn Wiinblad BJORW56408
Dinner candle holder HURRICANE 55 cm, brass, Bjørn Wiinblad BJORW56409
ALAMJ136 1
22 €
ALAMJ1310 1
22 €
ALAMJ134 1
22 €
Christmas ball HAMMERSHOI 2018 white, Kähler
23,95 €
Christmas ball HAMMERSHOI 2021 white, Kähler
23,95 €
Christmas ball HAMMERSHOI 2022 white, Kähler
23,95 €
ALAMJ132 1
22 €
Christmas mug HAMMERSHOI 2019, 330 ml, white, Kähler KHL693132
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Christmas – get in the holiday spirit with our spectacular Christmas products

What makes Christmas such a special holiday?

Christmas is a Christian celebration that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, and it is a globally recognized holiday, and Christians across the country celebrate the season with love and happiness.

Christmas is observed by both Christians and non-Christians, although for many non-Christians, the holiday is more of a cultural celebration than a religious one. This could be the case since the holiday has come to emphasize providing gifts and spending time with loved ones, both of which are accessible to most individuals. Numerous traditions, like the display of nativity scenes, Santa Claus's arrival, and Christmas trees, are part of the activities of the holiday season. Worldwide, Christians celebrate Christmas as their main holiday.

Best Christmas decorating ideas?

You can easily create some gorgeous festive places with a few Christmas decorating products from our online Kulina store. Below are a few simple ideas to start with:

  • Erect a Christmas tree

The simplest and quickest method to give your house a festive feel is to do this. The most obvious method to celebrate this time of year, regardless of style or size, is to place a Christmas tree inside your home along with other ornamental accents like Christmas balls.

  • Hang a Christmas wreath

Wreaths may be put in front of your door to greet guests and visitors, while they also look lovely inside, making them a fun and simple way to add holiday cheer to your house.

  • Set a few candles on

Warm and inviting winter days can be wonderfully evoked by lighting. When mixed with elegant Christmas tableware, candles look lovely as table centrepieces.

  • Wrap your gifts

Your holiday decorations will have that extra excitement when you add Christmas gifts and put them beneath the tree.

Where can I get the best Christmas items?

If you have been searching for the best places to store your Christmas item, then you are at the right place right now. To make your shopping experience smooth, we have categorized our Christmas products into three categories, which include Christmas tableware, Xmas decorations, and Christmas textiles. We have carefully selected them from the offers of top manufacturers such as Kähler, Alessi, Philippi, and Rosendahl.