Carafe Blomus

17 items total
Water carafe 1 l, smoke, glass, Blomus
35,65 €
Iced tea pitcher TEA JAY 800 ml, grey, Blomus
107 €
Iced tea pitcher TEA JAY, 800 ml, cream colour, Blomus BM64286
Spare cooling insert for ACQUA COOL carafe, Blomus BM63536
Water carafe ACQUA 1,5 l, Blomus
61,15 €
Water Carafe ACQUA, 1 l, Blomus
50,95 €
Water Carafe ALDOA, 900 ml, Blomus
35,65 €
Water carafe FLOW, 1,1 l, smoked glass, Blomus
40,75 €
Water carafe LUNGO 650 ml, Blomus
58,99 €
Water carafe LUNGO 650 ml, smoky, Blomus
58,99 €
Water carafe LUNGO, 1,1 l, Blomus
63,99 €
Water carafe SPLASH 1 l, black, Blomus
40,75 €
Water carafe SPLASH 1 l, black, Blomus
35,65 €
Water carafe SPLASH 1 l, Blomus
37,49 €
Water carafe SPLASH 1 l, brown, Blomus
42 €
Water carafe SPLASH 1 l, cream, Blomus
35,65 €
Water carafe Splash 1 l, grey, Blomus
35,65 €

Welcome to our extensive collection of Blomus decanters! Whether you're a connoisseur of fine beverages or just looking for an elegant addition to your dining table, our Blomus decanters offer the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Made with meticulous attention to detail, our decanters are designed to enhance your drinking experience. Blomus, a respected brand known for its innovative and contemporary designs, has created a range of decanters that perfectly combine modern aesthetics with practicality.

Our Blomus decanters are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to suit your preferences. From elegant stainless steel decanters to glass options, you'll find the perfect choice for your personal style and occasion.

Our decanters not only look great on any table, but also excel in functionality. Their well-designed handles and easy-to-grip grips make pouring and serving drinks a breeze. The high quality of the materials used ensures durability and longevity, making them a wise investment for many years.

Whether you're serving water, juice, wine or other beverages, our Blomus carafes are designed to preserve and enhance flavour. Airtight seals and innovative pouring mechanisms prevent unwanted drips and spills, allowing you to enjoy every sip without mess or waste.

In addition to their functional features, our Blomus decanters are also easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse them with warm water and mild soap and they'll be ready for your next gathering or everyday use.

Discover the select collection of exquisite Blomus decanters we offer and take your dining experience to the next level. With their timeless design and exceptional quality, these decanters not only serve as a practical accessory, but also as a stunning centre piece for any table arrangement. Browse our range today and find the perfect Blomus decanter to complement your taste and enhance your serving service.