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Dessert plate LEGIO 19 cm, Eva Solo
19 € –20 %
15,20 €
Dessert plate LEGIO NOVA 19 cm, Eva Solo
21,90 € –20 %
17,52 €
Tapas plate BLUE BLUR 17 cm, blue, ceramics, MIJ
10,99 €
Tapas plate ICE BLUE 13 cm, green, MIJ
5,49 €
Tapas plate ICE GREEN 13 cm, green, MIJ
5,49 €
Cake plate SANDRINE 22 cm, blue, stoneware, Bloomingville BV17904138
Dessert plate 21 cm, cream, Bitz
16 €
Dessert plate ALL-TIME, 20 cm, white, Alessi
12,50 €
Dessert plate CARACTERE 21 cm, cinnamon, REVOL
30 €
Dessert plate CARACTERE 21 cm, khaki, REVOL
26 €
Dessert plate CARACTERE 21 cm, mint, REVOL
27 €
Dessert plate CARACTERE 21 cm, nutmeg, REVOL
30 €
Dessert plate CARACTERE 21 cm, tumeric, REVOL
30 €
Dessert plate CARACTERE 21 cm, white, REVOL
30 €
Dessert plate COLOMBINA, 24 cm, Alessi
25 €
Dessert plate COSMIC DINER NEPTUNE 16,5 cm, Seletti SLT10822
Dessert plate COSMIC DINER SATURN 16,5 cm, Seletti SLT10820
Dessert plate COSMIC DINNER CALISTO 16,5 cm, Seletti SLT10821
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Cake plates – designed to meet all your sweet dreams

What are cake plates?

Cake plates are plates that are specifically designed for serving cakes and desserts. They often have a flat surface on which the cake can be put and are smaller than regular dinner plates. Cake plates can be made of glass, ceramic, stoneware or plastic.

What are cake plates used for?

Cake plates are used to serve cakes and other baked items or sweets like pastries, cookies, or cupcakes. They are also frequently used for breakfast, sandwiches, lunches, and special events like birthdays, weddings, and holidays because of their elegant appearance and handy size that is perfect for all types of finger food.

How do you plate a dessert like a chef?

Whether you are a home chef or a Michelin star chef, you should pay attention to every detail and serve your desserts in an elegant way. These are some broad guidelines to help you plate a dessert like a pro:

  • Choose the appropriate dessert plate: Start with a clean plate that complements the colours and textures of your dessert (check out or offer of MIJ plates for e great selection of colours and glazes)
  • Assess the overall design of your dessert while deciding where to arrange the various components. Make a paper sketch of your design to aid in visualising it.
  • Put some sauce on the dish before you put the dessert on it. Create a pattern or design with a spoon or a squeeze bottle. Your dessert will taste and look better on the dish if you use a sauce.
  • Add crunch: It's great if your dessert has different textures. To add crunch to your dessert, use a crunchy topping like almonds or cookie crumbs. uniformly distribute the topping over the dessert.
  • Use contrasting colours: Use contrasting colours to make your dessert visually attractive. Use a bright sauce or garnish, for instance, if your dessert is white to add visual appeal.
  • Pay attention to portion size: Portion size is important in dessert plating. To make the same size servings, use a cup or scoop.
  • Put some garnish on your cake plate to finish it off and improve the overall presentation. This can be a piece of fruit, a cocoa powder sprinkle, or a mint leaf.

Our cake plates are premium products from reputable manufacturers like Blomus and Revol. We also offer great cake stands and elegant cake servers. You may also want to have a look at sets of dessert forks and pastry knives.