Yogurt makers

Yoghurt makers – enjoy homemade natural yoghurt recipes

What is a yoghurt maker?

A yoghurt maker is an appliance in the kitchen specifically designed for making yoghurt at home. It offers a regulated atmosphere for the fermentation procedure, enabling you to make fresh and delectable yoghurt easily.

Our yoghurt makers at Kulina are made to enable you to create the most natural, probiotic-rich yoghurt at home. The final product is yoghurt that doesn't include any sugar, additives, or preservatives—basically the real stuff!

How does a yoghourt maker work?

Yoghurt is typically made by heating milk to a specific temperature, adding lactic acid-producing bacteria, and then chilling the mixture before flavouring or packaging.

The milk is mixed with a bacterial culture starter that contains at least a scoop of plain, store-bought yoghurt before being placed in the yoghurt maker vessel, which maintains the mixture's temperature within the proper range for eight to twelve hours as it ferments.

The fermentation process can often be finished overnight; however, this might vary depending on the yoghurt maker type. Yoghurt often gets tangier the longer it ferments.

Yoghurt should be kept in the refrigerator for at least three hours after fermentation before consumption.

What else can be done with a yoghurt maker?

A yoghurt maker can serve other purposes besides making yoghurt at home, such as fermented kefir, sour cream, or buttermilk.

Additionally, the yoghurt maker's regulated temperature environment makes it appropriate for proofing dough, accelerating the process of yeast activation and dough rising. Other homemade cheeses like ricotta and paneer can also be created with it. Even probiotic-rich beverages like kombucha can be made using some yoghurt makers' capabilities or add-ons.

To be sure the type of yoghurt maker you are adding to your cart is appropriate for these additional purposes, it is crucial to look at its individual characteristics and capabilities.

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