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Egg cup PILAR, set of 2 pcs, sand, Blomus
23,41 €
Bread basket DELARA L 30 cm, taupe, Blomus
49,68 € –10 %
44,49 €
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, beige, Blomus
44,83 €
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, beige, Blomus
44,83 €
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, dark grey, Blomus
44,83 €
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, dark grey, chrome, Blomus BM63763
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, grey, Blomus
44,83 €
Bread basket DELARA L, 26 cm, taupe, chrome, Blomus
44,83 €
Bread basket DELARA M, 21 cm, black, Blomus
39,73 €
Bread basket DELARA M, 21 cm, taupe, Blomus
47,30 € –12 %
41,49 €
Bread basket DESA L, black, Blomus
40,75 €
Bread basket DESA L, cream, Blomus
40,75 €
Bread basket DESA L, grey, Blomus
40,75 €
Bread basket DESA S, dark grey, Blomus
35,65 €
Bread basket DESA S, grey, Blomus
35,65 €
Butter dish BASIC M, Blomus
61,15 €
Butter dish BASIC S, stainless steel, Blomus
47,89 €
Cloth napkin LINEO 42 x 42 cm, brown green, linen, Blomus BM63726
Cloth napkin LINEO 42 x 42 cm, cream, linen, Blomus
13,21 €
Cloth napkin LINEO 42 x 42 cm, dark grey, linen, Blomus BM63727
Cloth napkin LINEO 42 x 42 cm, light grey, linen, Blomus BM63730
Cloth napkin LINEO 42 x 42 cm, sand, linen, Blomus
13,21 €
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✓ Stylish and practical serving accessories by Blomus
✓ Perfect design, practicality and elegance in every product
✓ Runners, tablecloths, placemats, placemats, placemats
✓ German brand Blomus - the leader in its field

The premium German brand Blomus offers a wide range of design and practical serving accessories. These include tablecloths, placemats, table runners, pastry or fruit wrappers, coasters and much more.

The German brand Blomus is a leader in the field of interior accessories in high quality, and with a long service life. In its range you will find a wide selection of practical and timeless products for the home and garden. The products have a style that is recognisable at first glance and win many major awards every year for their minimalist and timeless design.

Discover the wide range of stylish and functional serving accessories from Blomus. Elevate your dining experience and impress your guests with these quality products.

Blomus offers a range of serving accessories including cloth napkins, pastry baskets, pot mats, plate mats, fruit baskets, salt shakers and sugar bowls. Each product is carefully designed to enhance your serving presentation and add a touch of elegance to your table.

Enhance your dining experience with elegant cloth napkins that add a sophisticated touch to any meal. Serve freshly baked treats in stylish baking baskets that not only showcase your culinary skills, but also add a decorative element to your table. Protect your surfaces with practical and stylish pot mats that not only prevent heat damage but also add a decorative touch to your kitchen.

Create visually appealing place settings with beautiful plate mats that add colour, texture and protection to your dining space. Display fruit in elegant fruit baskets to enhance the presentation of your produce. Complement your dining experience with salt and sugar shakers that add comfort and style.

Explore our collection of serving accessories from Blomus and elevate your dining experience with these stylish and functional products. With their impeccable quality and design, these accessories are the perfect addition to any table.