Gifts for smart kids


Gifts for clever children

Forget barbies and action heroes. Our gifts will turn off the TV and turn on the brains. And we wouldn't be called Kulina if we didn't also think about the happy tummies of the naughty little ones.

Have fun together - for young and old

Children love it when you are all together. And they will most likely forget about their mobile phones if you sit with them and play some games, that you also know from your childhood. The Printworks brand has dusted off popular games and they got a new twist. You can now, play chess or dominoes, learn the names of famous architectural gems in a classic memory game or check your knowledge about popular movies in a quiz.


For the littlest ones

I'll get into my tent, take out my guitar, cook something, and then I'll check on my patients. Anyway, Mom, you won't hear from me until lunch :-)

Popis Popis Popis

For healthy snacks

The best lunchbox for school? Yumbox! Developed by moms for busy parents who care about their children's balanced diet. Yoghurt and dressings are safe in the Yumbox - nothing leaks out or gets mixed between the compartments. You can choose from 3 series:
Original - with 6 compartments, suitable for smaller children up to 8 years old. In addition, playful labels will help parents with healthy food composition and portion sizes
Panino - with 4 compartments, ideal for sandwiches
Presto - with stainless steel compartments for those who are not fans of food being stored in plastic