Napkin rings

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Napkin rings – add a touch of elegance to your dining experience

What is the purpose of napkin rings?

Napkin rings are little decorative and practical objects used in setting a table to keep folded napkins in place. With their wide range of forms and designs, they can also add a decorative element to a table setting.

However, they can also be used in less formal events to give a sense of elegance to the table. Napkin rings are often used in formal or semi-formal eating settings, such as during weddings or expensive dinner parties.

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How do I style a napkin with a ring?

An easy way to give your table setting a bit of class and refinement is to style a napkin with a napkin ring. Here are some guidelines for applying a ring to a napkin:

  • Choose a napkin ring. Choose a ring that matches your entire table setting from the many different styles and materials available.
  • Fold your napkin. A napkin can be folded in a variety of ways, but one simple and classic fold is to fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle, then in half again to form a smaller triangle.
  • Slide the napkin into the napkin ring. The serviette should be inserted into the serviette ring with the folded edges facing up while being held in this position.
  • Reposition the serviette. Once the serviette is on the ring, make any necessary adjustments to the folds and edges to give it a tidy, appealing appearance.
  • Napkins should be placed on the table. Either on the plate or to the left of the forks, the serviette can be put on the table setting.

Why are napkins important to use?

Napkins are a crucial part of the eating experience since they offer both practical and aesthetic benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • Hygiene: Maintaining personal hygiene and preventing the transmission of bacteria and germs is made easier by using napkins to wipe away food and liquid from the face and hands.
  • Etiquette: Napkins are an important part of table etiquette, used to indicate the beginning and end of a meal, and to indicate when a person wants to leave the table temporarily.
  • Decor: You can use napkins as a decorative element to improve the appearance of a table setting by adding colour, texture, and style.
  • Protection: During a meal, napkins are used to protect garments from spills and stains.

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