Kitchen timers

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Kitchen timer PREMIUM ONE, WMF
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Kitchen timers – a useful tool for managing cooking time and keeping track of your meals

What is a kitchen timer/egg timer?

A kitchen timer, often known as an egg timer, is a kitchen accessory that helps you keep track of cooking time. The name "egg timer" stems from the fact that earliest timers were used to time the timing of cooking eggs but you can use them for numerous tasks that require precise timing.

How do kitchen timers work?

Kitchen timers count down and show the remaining time. Before the first use, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions because very often you need to choose the maximum amount of time available and only then move the timer back to the desired time.

Do I need a kitchen timer?

Kitchen timers are very often inbuilt into more complex kitchen appliances such as microwaves or ovens. You also usually have a timer in your smartphone but a separate, independent kitchen timer may prove to be quite useful, especially if the recipes you follow are complicated or if you cook many things at one time.

Moreover, a kitchen timer can be positioned almost wherever you need it - some can be hung on a hook, others have a magnet for attaching to magnetic surfaces and - most importantly - you can take a timer with you to another room and do something else while still tracking the cooking time.

Moreover, kitchen timers thanks to their modern, often funny design, make great presents for all cooking enthusiasts who always want to achieve flawless results of their cooking challenges.

Do professional kitchens and chefs use egg timers?

To produce exquisite dishes, a professional chef must prepare several ingredients at once, and keeping track of everything may be very stressful.

You can manage many tasks simultaneously and always know when each dish is cooked to perfection by investing in high-quality kitchen timers or food thermometers that you will also find in Kulina. When tracking time, make sure that you cook the exact amount of food that is supposed to be cooked for the given period of time and for this you may also need a kitchen scale.

In Kulina we provide a range of kitchen timer types from top manufacturers like Eva Solo and WMF to suit your needs and tastes. Choose the kitchen timer you like the most and forget about overcooked rice and vegetables.