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Eva Solo
Nordic Kitchen
Quiet luxury in your kitchen
Embodying the essence of quality Scandinavian design
How to achieve harmony in design? By matching accessories and frequently used tools. Because they create the atmosphere of the home. This is what Eva Solo designers had in mind when they created the Nordic Kitchen collection, which has quickly become the brand's most popular series. What makes it so special? You'll find few collections this comprehensive. With Nordic Kitchen, you can easily achieve a spectacular uniform look in your kitchen by matching tableware (plates, cups), food preparation utensils (pots, knives, cutting boards), as well as tea and coffee making appliances. This collection truly embodies the essence of quality Scandinavian design:

Elegant minimalism is not subject to trends. It is also easy to combine with other more distinctive pieces.
The black stoneware plates and bowls are dishwasher safe and can be heated in the microwave or conventional oven.
Quietly luxurious
The matt finish and oak wood give it a premium look and feel and are very pleasant to the touch. Luxury speaks through the quality of materials and workmanship.

Eva Solo

Everything for your beautiful morning

The Nordic Kitchen series doesn't forget about the appliances and objects that usually sit on the counter or our desk and are thus part of the design of our home. Like kettles or thermoses.

Coffee lovers will be delighted with the design award-winning thermos / French press. With a gentle squeeze, you can prepare 1 litre of coffee that will stay warm for several hours.

Stylish pots and pans

Do you like cast iron pans and pots, but you're no bodybuilder? Cast iron has great properties, but it's heavy. The pots in the Nordic kitchen series look like cast iron but are made of lightweight aluminium. And they won't let you down in performance either!

You can choose either the bold "all black" style of your entire series or a "mix & match" combination with stainless steel variants.

Nadpis blok s obrázkem VPRAVO

Black doesn't have to be heavy
Cast iron look
Nordic Kitchen pots and pans look like black heavy cast iron, but are made of lightweight aluminium. With great perfomance features.
Excellent heat conduction
The inner aluminium layer ensures fast and even heat distribution and the cookware is easy to handle. The magnetic base guarantees stability and is suitable for all types of heat sources, including induction.
Four layers of high quality patented Slip-Let® coating guarantee non-stick surface and health safety. The surface is free of PFOA and PTFE and is very easy to maintain. We recommend to clean it lightly under water and dry with a cloth.
Mix & match
Build your own set. Combine the "cast iron look" with traditional stainless steel. Both variants have the same features and handles in natural oak, pleasant to the touch.
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